Change | Progress

Vision & Values

Change | Progress

Vision & Values

Ready for Anything?

Meet the challenges of tomorrow
with intelligent tools

Without change, there would be no progress. 

Without you, Vimotely would be a tool belt with an array of state-of-the-art gadgets that’s hung up in a garage collecting dust. 

In this world of accelerated change,  we know you’re ready to buckle that tool belt to meet the challenges of tomorrow. 

We’re your field guide, always giving you the information you need on the go. 

We’re your virtual vehicle, getting you where you need to go more efficiently than ever before. 

We’re your data log, so you never lose track of the info that’s most important to you. 


Business that’s good for the environment isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also more cost effective and better for the bottom line. 

Working alongside Direct Technology’s Energy Efficiency division keeps us focused on helping you reach your efficiency goals.


Work doesn’t stop for people who keep their communities moving forward. We believe progress is key to survival, and we exist to build a resilient future using human-focused technology.


Go Vimotely.

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